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Frequently asked questions

IMEPAC students – Virtual and on-site exchanges

The student must be regularly enrolled in an undergraduate course at IMEPAC University Center in the year/semester in which the academic mobility notice is offered for admission to a foreign educational institution, whether on-site or remotely, and meet all the requirements.

You will be able to attend as many curricular units as are allowed in the academic mobility notice, whether remotely or on-site, following the rules established by the foreign institution. Most of the time, virtual academic mobility notices only allow admission to specific curricular units, while on-site academic mobility is when the student spends a semester abroad studying one or more disciplines, whether linked to a particular course period or not.

Keep an eye on this website and check the bi-annual release of notices offering virtual or on-site academic mobility from institutions with which IMEPAC University Center has an international cooperation agreement.

Students who do not pass the curricular units studied at the foreign institution will not have the benefits provided in the IMEPAC University Center mobility notices, such as using the discipline/curricular unit of the course matrix and complementary teaching activity.

This issue depends on the institution offering virtual and on-site mobility. When withdrawing from the mobility program, you must notify the internationalization section of IMEPAC University Center immediately. Students selected for the Academic Exchange in previous editions and who have withdrawn from the exchange after the issuance of the letter of acceptance by the foreign institution or who have failed to comply with deadlines and other internal rules of IMEPAC throughout the application process without plausible justification and consent of the Internationalization Committee will not be able to participate in other programs.

The duration of an on-site or virtual mobility program is usually one academic term, depending on the academic calendar of the foreign institution and the deadlines in the public notice.

The student can join educational institutions with which IMEPAC University Center has signed an international cooperation agreement. We currently have 13 affiliated educational institutions distributed in Latin America and Europe, and these offer careers related to all undergraduate courses at the IMEPAC University Center.

Any student from IMEPAC University Center may participate in the virtual and on-site academic mobility notices without prejudice to their financial benefits, as long as they comply with the rules of each one of them in relation to the academic performance of the year/semester.

International Students - Remote and On-site Exchange Programs

IMEPAC University Center launches calls for on-site and/or virtual academic mobility programs available to students from foreign educational institutions with a mutual cooperation agreement with IMEPAC every six months.

To register for IMEPAC’s virtual and/or on-site mobility notices, you must do so through the department responsible for internationalization and academic mobility at your home institution. It is up to the home institution to send IMEPAC a list of students interested in participating in virtual and/or on-site mobility following its policies and criteria for selecting students. Please note that applications submitted directly by students will be rejected. Candidates must meet all standards and requirements described in the virtual and/or on-site mobility notice.

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For more information, contact us:

Leandra Mendes do Vale – Internationalization Committee Coordinator:

Whatsapp: +55 34 99225-8359